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A Mobile App For Sports Tournaments

DICKS Sporting Goods Team Sports HQ

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Team Sports Head Quarters is a division of the retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods. Its mission is to give back to the youth sports community by helping organizations run more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time on the field and not buried in paperwork. GameTime Tournaments is an app for tournament goers — parents, coaches, referees, and players. Users are capable of following and interacting with their team. As the lead UX/UI Designer, I was tasked with providing overall app experience and user interface design.
  • DICKS Sporting Goods Team Sports HQ
  • Retail
  • 2018
  • Lead UX/UI Designer
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design
Team Sports HQ Tournament App


During a tournament, many parents, fans, coaches and players need a better means to stay up-to-date with their team, games, and event. Keeping track of all the ins and outs is difficult, the Dick's Sporting Goods GameTime Tournaments App helps to alleviate the hassles and stress on game day.

The GameTime Tournament App helps solve the following problems:

  • Parents, Fans, Coaches, Players, and Referees need to stay informed about game times and locales. They also want to follow teams, track their schedules, standings, scores, and results.
  • Communication between parties is our most prominent feature. Things change rapidly, game times and field locations change periodically, or sometimes players are late, or coaches may forget a piece of equipment. Users need an easy way to contact and message others to help everyone stay in the loop.
  • Finding Fields and locations - Many tournaments are out-of-state or participants are traveling to unfamiliar neighborhoods. Participants need an easy way to find the venue along with the particular field that they’re playing on.
  • Tools for Coaches and Referees - Coaches need a way to activate and check-in players for games. Referees also want the capability to validate players and score games from the app and add a record of any red cards, cautions or game notes when enabled by the tournament.
Team Sports HQ Tournament App

Stay Connected

GameTime Tournaments has the ability to send push notifications, in-app messages, and emails to keep everyone in the loop. It notifies teams, coaches, and fans of last-minute changes like delays, schedule changes, or field/location changes.

Team Sports HQ Tournament Messaging


Tournament goers can easily learn when their next game is with seamless scheduling. They can follow their team with game schedules, calendars and add game reminders. Coaches and referees can easily stay organized by managing their schedules with team or venue conflicts, blackout dates, coaching multiple teams, refereeing multiple games, and discover travel times and distances.

Team Sports HQ Tournament Schedules
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