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DICKS Sporting Goods Team Sports HQ

  • DICKS Sporting Goods Team Sports Head Quarters is a division of the retail giant Dick’s Sporting Goods. Its mission is to give back to the youth sports community by helping organizations run more efficiently, allowing them to spend more time on the field and not buried in paperwork. This mission is accomplished with easy to use software that helps youth organizations manage their leagues, teams, and players. As the lead UX/UI Designer I was tasked with providing overall design strategy for the entire platform. I incorporated many methods and techniques to create intuitive, user-friendly software.
  • DICKS Sporting Goods Team Sports HQ
  • Retail
  • 2017-2019
  • Lead UX/UI Designer
  • Needs Assessments
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design
Team Sports HQ overview

Online Registration

A major component for national organizations such as Little League Baseball, AYSO, and Pop Warner rely on varying types of registrations from a multitude of user rolls. From League Administrators, Volunteers, Coaches, Parents, Referees, and players.

At Dick’s Team Sports HQ, we created a complete registration system for ALL youth programs, leagues, tournaments, and even for player tryouts.

Team Sports HQ registration

Player Registration

The most important registration flow is player registration. Through extensive research testing and design. We created a smooth and intuitive sign up experience.

Registration Wire Frames
Team Sports HQ registration
Player Registration
Team Sports HQ registration


An integral feature for leagues is the ability to schedule practices, games, and tournaments. In the past, leagues would schedule seasons with spreadsheets, now they can ditch the tedious paperwork.

  • Feature Requirements:
  • RAPID SETUP - Quickly create an entire game or practice schedule with flexible scoring.
  • AUTO NOTIFICATIONS - Parents will receive notifications of updates automatically.
  • SCHEDULING UPGRADED - No more spreadsheets. Use our fully automated scheduler.
  • EASY DISTRIBUTION - Available for multiple channels: email, mobile app, master schedule, and parent calendar.
Dick's Sporting Goods TSHQ - Scheduling

Scheduling setup can be a complex processs. It requires many steps to complete and the complexity of requisites is challenging. The process is especially challenging for volunteer administrators. Many Youth Sports Leagues employ a revolving door of part-time, temporary, and seasonal volunteer members to help run and organize leagues and tournaments.

To help better understand these requirements and guide the unexperienced volunteer, extensive ux research exercises were used, such as mental models and user flows. Iterating throughout the initial research phase helped lower the overhead of prototype development.

Dick's Sporting Goods TSHQ - Scheduling
Tournament Scheduling
Team Sports HQ registration

Team Management

Managing teams needed to be a snap with the ability to build teams, make roster changes, and assign coaches, volunteers, and referee's.

  • Feature Requirements:
  • TEAM FORMATION - Quickly build rosters using an automatic assign feature or manually create them using built-in player criteria.
  • ROSTER MANAGEMENT - Easy to move players, make changes, and keep customers in the loop at the same time.
  • VOLUNTEER VERIFICATION - Track background checks to make sure that only approved volunteers are given assignments.
  • PERMISSION SETTING - Provide access to only those with the proper clearance, such as age group coordinators and division managers without giving access to the whole system.
Dick's Sporting Goods TSHQ - Scheduling

Design System

Any good software product requires a design system. I collaborated with other teams in multiple divisions and design departments to create a design system to help align brands, products, consistent development practices, and improve development efficiency.

DTSHQ Design System
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