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  • TargetSolutions creates innovative training management applications for public entities, existing to deliver dynamic, accredited online training courses, and cutting-edge records management technology for more than 2500 organizations.
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The TargetSolutions Story

In 2012, TargetSolutions goal was simple but revolutionary: build a world-class learning management system that would help organizations deliver and track training amongst multi-disciplinary groups in an efficient and cost-effective way. Their Learning and records management system was reimagined in 2012 to meet the training, record-keeping and continuing education needs of thousands of safety professionals nationwide. TargetSolutions continues to grow in popularity among local and state government agencies and private entities.

Screenshot Old Admin Dashboard

By The Numbers






Since 2012, I have worked side-by-side many talented teammates to continually improve upon our industry leading training platform. A continual task has been focused on increasing the amount of time our users spend with our apps. A goal for our product team is to have our users continually learning and utilizing our many features. An idea that we explored and designed was a revamping of the users homepage or dashboard.


Through user research we found that users were having a difficult time finding the features that they most commonly used. Or, they bypassed the main content presented to them on their dashboard.

"It would be nice to have the ability to customize my homepage. So that I can view, at a glance, the things that are important to me."

Pic Stuart S. - Oceanside Fire Dept.
Screenshot Screenshot of old platform homepage Spec Sheet

The task then was to revamp the UX and UI of the home dashboard. We came up with the idea to have a dashboard dynamically generate the user&as dashboard based on most utilized features. To redesign a new feature-rich dashboard required a page that was flexible and completely scalable. To achieve this I needed to completely re-engineer the experience to facilitate utilization for every unique circumstance. To achieve this wide scalability I implemented a modular design.

  • New Dash Sketches

    Initial sketches of the administrators dashboard as modular design.

  • New Dash Wireframes

    Wireframes of the new dashboard for Administrators.

  • New Dash Wireframes

    Wireframe of the new detail page view.

  • New Dash Wireframes

    Wireframe of the modular layout options

  • New Dash Wireframes

    Prototyping the new admin. dashboard using the Invision app.

The Results

We currently are in beta-testing with the new design. But our initial feedback has been extremely positive. We've increased users time spent on our platform, and believe we collectively designed an all-encompassing solution. 

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Screenshot of the newly designed administrators dashboard.

Post Image

Module layout options for a two-thirds and one-third unit.

Post Image

New Assignments feature page view.

Post Image

Responsive design for feature detailed view.